Ensure that your product reaches the right patients at the right time at the right price and is reimbursed accordingly. Our market access solutions offer services integrated across all functions in your business, from product launch preparation, to launch, to commercialisation, to patent expiry.

Market and feasibility research
Determine the value of your product or service and its potential for success within the marketplace. We will help you understand the cost versus the value of your solutions by looking at the market landscape, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats within your environment, as well as available resources.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM)
Gain better decision-making support for your healthcare solutions. We’ll help you ask the right questions and answer them with up-to-date, sound, scientific evidence. Through EBM solutions we evaluate and assess available evidence through systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses to assist you in finding the most appropriate healthcare solutions.

Health- and pharmacoeconomics
Clinical benefits (efficacy, safety and quality) are important parameters when considering health policy. However, given the notion of scarcity, the allocation of scarce health resources has become a science on its own. Health- and pharmacoeconomics are important tools to assist you in communicating the economic value that can be linked to your product’s clinical value. Allow us to create economic models that determine the cost-effectiveness of your products and services compared to current practices.

Value Dossiers
Create a portfolio of evidence based on the clinical, economic and humanistic evaluations and develop messages, based on this evidence, that effectively communicate the value of your healthcare solutions to those stakeholders who influence uptake and funding, through languages that appeal to each of them.

Stakeholder analysis and engagement
In this competitive and changing environment, it is important to understand your stakeholders’ needs and expectations. Through analytical stakeholder analysis, you can gain a clear perspective on stakeholder relationships, understand which policies guide decision-making and who influences this decision making to ultimately ensure you reach the right individuals with effective, targeted messages.

Advisory board meetings and Delphi panels
Whether you want to create a clear marketing strategy that aligns with your organisation’s objectives or you need expert opinion and consensus on health care needs, diagnosis or guidelines, we can help you integrate international KOL insights into a focused, global plan to grow your brand and guide your health care decision-making.

When you invest in creating a portfolio or real world evidence, it is important that it is done as part of a clear strategy and operational plan. Allow us to, using the outputs from services above, to support your strategic approach to pricing, patent expiry, market attractiveness etc. to ensure alignment with your business objectives.

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