Health outcomes research (OR) examines the real-world outcomes or end results of your healthcare interventions at a patient or community level. It differs from clinical research (Phase I to III trials) in that it considers effectiveness in the real world and not in a controlled environment, as is typically seen in a clinical trial. OR consists of health economics, pharmacoeconomics, patient reported outcomes, comparative effectiveness research, registries, investigator initiated research (Phase IV) and any other research methodologies that contributes towards a portfolio of evidenced that illustrates the value of your product or service in the real world. When you partner with us you will have access to skilled team members who can support you on the continuum of your needs, from assessment to decision-making and policy analysis. Outcomes research will ultimately support cross-functional teams to reach commercial goals, from market access, medical affairs, clinical affairs, and regulatory affairs to marketing and sales.

Health registries
A registry is a collection of data relating to a predefined health status of patients with a specific diagnosis, disease or condition and the treatment they receive. Registries can have different endpoints, including safety endpoints, effectiveness endpoints, quality of life endpoints, administrative endpoints (cost, fees, payments, authorisations) or adherence endpoints. Monitor and track your patient data through our customised Dynamic eRegistryâ„¢ solution to efficiently collect, analyse and interpret real world evidence through an online platform.

Comparative effectiveness research (CER)
Often, clinical trials are designed to compare a new active substance to a placebo. This implies that head-to-head trials often do not exist. A CER allows you to do head-to-head effectiveness studies of a small cohort of patients that is both scientific robust and publishable. Let us help you determine what works best in developing your real-world evidence portfolio.

Post-marketing surveillance/Pharmacovigilance
Detect, assess, monitor and evaluate your registered products to collect and prevent adverse effects. We’ll provide you with the most up-to-date and innovative solutions to collect data from patients, healthcare providers and literature sources.

Real-world data analysis
Access to data is only the first step towards the creation of value for your product or service. Data needs to be analysed and converted into logic that communicates value in a scientific way, but also in a language that is understandable to different stakeholders. Allow our biostatisticians and medical creative writers to convert collected data into value stories.

Observational studies
Observational studies look at cause-and-effect relationships of treatments by observing outcomes or behaviour without any interference by the investigator. By using our Dynamic eRegistryâ„¢ platform, your observational studies can be managed seamlessly across many territories, globally.

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