Strategy and execution in a competitive marketplace is a key to success. Given our wide range of experience in this market, over many years, we are well positioned to support you at a company, functional and brand strategy level. We will work with you to establish strategies and objectives for both short-term and long-term growth.

Market access strategy
Set your product apart with the right positioning to ensure market success. Investing in outcomes research early in your product life cycle can bridge the gap between R&D and commercialisation. Being proactive and measuring economic metrics earlier can fast track your commercialisation efforts. We’ll help you build a portfolio of real-world evidence that clearly defines the value of your product versus your competitors.

Pricing strategy
With escalating healthcare costs and declining budgets, as well as increased pressure from payers, regulators and investors, you need to be more and more sophisticated in your pricing strategies to maximise your profits. Allow us to help you quantify the economic value of your health care solutions and develop optimal pricing strategies in support of business objectives.

Competitor analysis
Your real-world evidence portfolio supports your competitive strategy by advising how you should position your product against competitors to increase your market share and competitive advantage over time. This means taking a strategic view of the competitor landscape and crafting your competitive strategy from that.

Market entry strategy
Current economic forces are pushing you to expand your current markets and explore untapped markets. Apart from mergers and acquisitions, there are various strategies for acquiring new or entering foreign markets. To create an effective market entry strategy, you need a partner with extensive knowledge of the local and global industry. Let us help you build a solid foundation based on deep insights.

Patent expiry strategy
Create innovative strategies to forecast potential losses, prepare for generic launches, counteract revenue losses and maximise returns from your existing product portfolio. We have a team of skilled business leaders who can integrate these forecasts and outputs to help you make the right investment decisions within your patent expiry strategy.

Partner with us for all your capacity building and training requirements. Find the right solutions for your specific needs, such as training programmes directed at individuals through training centres, or through academic institutions. Invest in skills development through our various solutions. All training initiatives are hands-on and focused on technical empowerment, built on a “learning science by doing science” approach.

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