Many diverse data sets are created in the health care industry. These include patient-reported outcomes, patient registries, medical schemes claims data, clinical trial data, sales data, and more. We provide innovative solutions for your growing data needs.

Big data analytics and business intelligence (BI)
Turn your data into valuable insights through our computational engine with machine learning that offers descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Obtain Dynamic Datalyticsâ„¢, business intelligence (BI) and automated reporting to support your business decision-making.

Biostatistical design and analysis
Biostatistical design and analysis is crucial to ensure that sample size and power calculations are performed correctly, ensuring that only the number of patients necessary for sufficient power are recruited, thereby reducing costs. Partner with us to ensure a robust, scientific approach is followed in analysing trial endpoints, which is repeatable, to improve the quality of your research.

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