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03 Aug 2017

Seed for thought: paper that grows

At the foot of the Paardeberg Mountain, where the early morning mist hovers between the oak trees and vineyards until the sun appears, you’ll hear the bustling sounds of eager hands working to create handmade paper embedded with seeds. On the farm, Wyngaardt, the Growing Paper Company team creates a beautiful collection of seed-paper products. Their products include bookmarks, calendars, gift cards, tags, notebooks as well as customised corporate stationary.

The Growing Paper Company collects post-consumer waste paper from local schools, banks and businesses and then use it to make their iconic handmade seed paper. This paper is then used to make a variety of products and custom corporate stationary.

TCD Outcomes Research recently commissioned Growing Paper to make our promotional corporate stationery. Their helpful team provided excellent customer support throughout the process. We received our stationery within a week from placing the order and were very happy with the end result. In alignment with our vision: “Let our work and actions benefit humanity”, we are proud to support local eco-friendly initiatives such as these.

The growing paper idea was born one day in 2009 when Roxanne Schumann threw out a wedding invitation. She was troubled by the idea of just throwing away a beautifully designed piece of art and wanted to find a way of reusing the paper. She came up with the solution of adding seeds to paper so that it could be sown once read. In 2010 Roxanne and Nileta Knoetzen opened the Growing Paper factory on the Wyngaardt family farm.

The growing paper products are all produced by hand in the factory. Waste paper is processed into pulp by adding water. From this pulp, the papermakers produce handmade sheets. Finally, the paper is dried in a tunnel. All the paper products, embedded with either with flower, herb or vegetable seeds can be planted and nurtured after being used for its original purpose.

The team who forms the heart of the business is made up of 23 individuals from the Malmesbury area and surrounding farms. Carolette, described as “practical and organised”, is the print guru and trimmer. “LOL” Franza, is in charge of admin and “Respectful” Zaid is responsible for quality control, die-cutting and binding. “Ambitious” Abdul is the driver and also the maintenance “guru”. He assists Jackie in the trimming process. “Poshy” Pam is responsible for packing all orders and staff manager Porcia, “always has a plan”. At the core of the team you will also find Cecilia, Meisie, Ceearle, Pierre, Dennwe, Manusca, Desmorien, Beranice, Natalie, Griet and Leena, Chaney, Madeline, Iline and Mercia, carefully producing the paper products by hand. Their products include wholesale items as well as custom promotional material and wedding stationery. Clients can choose from a variety of flower, herb and vegetable seeds. These include Alyssum, Poppies, African Daisies, Vygies, Forget me not, Snapdragon, Rocket, Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Chilli, Lettuce, Carrots and Tomatoes.

To support this innovative initiative and to see what they have to offer, visit http://www.growingpaper.co.za/

11 May 2017


We are delighted to share the following significant changes and positive developments which took place recently within the TCD Group.

New Ownership

EOH, a JSE-listed South African based Knowledge Management group, have been in negotiation with the TCD Group since the last quarter of 2015, sharing the strategic objective to expand in the field of healthcare. EOH consists of a diverse portfolio of specialised industries in 21 countries across four continents.

The groups came to agreement in October 2016 and the transaction was completed in February 2017. EOH Holdings is now the 100% shareholder of the TCD Group of companies. We are excited by this positive development which opens many new horizons through the global profile of our new proudly South African owners.

The EOH philosophy involves sustaining successful acquisitions by building upon the inherent culture. The TCD Group will remain easily recognisable, building on our rich legacy, striving as always for continuous improvement.

Expansion of the TCD Group

The rapid evolution of the TCD Group expanded the original Triclinium into a full-service CRO (Contract Research Organisation), with a growing range of services and geographical footprint. Triclinium’s sister companies, within the TCD Group now consists of:

  • TCD Outcomes Research: The TCD Group developed a Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) organisation, through an acquisition of HeXor (a late phase development and pharmacoeconomics company), combined with the Late Phase Clinical Development expertise of TCD.
  • TCD e-Clinical Solutions: The TCD Group created an e-Clinical Solutions division which includes Software as a Service solution. TCD e-Clinical Solutions is focused around improving the outcome of clinical trials from a quality and efficiency perspective. Services include Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) and Mobile Health (mHealth), etc.
  • TCD Global Data Services: The TCD Group established and consolidated its Data Management and Biostatistics division under the TCD GDS brand, which is spearheaded out of South Africa and Bangalore, India.
  • TCD-MENA: The TCD Group established a full-service CRO based in Cairo, Egypt through a Joint Venture to focus on the Middle East and North Africa region.
  • PharmaLTX: The TCD Group established a software development company which specialises in software solutions in the wider health care sector such as partnering with Ministries of Health, Regulatory agencies, Institutional Review Boards, Universities, Clinical Research Centres, etc.


New TCD Group Chairman

The mandate to meld the member companies into a synergistic group has been entrusted to Dr Tienie Stander, founder of HeXor Pty Ltd., current Managing Director of TCD Outcomes Research, and now also the inaugural Chairman of the TCD Group.

Change in Managing Director of Triclinium Clinical Development

To those who know the company well, the most visible change is that after 17 years at the helm, founder Victor Strugo will relinquish the position of Managing Director to Abraham van Wyk, effective 1st May, 2017. Abraham has been increasingly involved in TCD executive functions since 2014 and his promotion is fully endorsed by TCD’s Board of Directors.

Victor will nevertheless remain active and visible in the new role of TCD Group Strategic Adviser, facilitating a smooth management transition, supporting key projects and developing new horizons for the company that he created in February 2000.

Our electronic media will be updated accordingly over time. We look forward to maintaining and strengthening our association with your organisation through this transition and to offer an ever-improving and broadening range of services in the years ahead.

For queries or more information, contact us at corporate.communications@tcd-global.com